About Us

  • How We're Governed

    River Run Plantation, Inc.is a Property Owners' Association (POA) which is headed by a Board of Directors.  The plantation is a restricted community which mean that owner-members are required by Deed to adhere to the covenants on file with the Brunswick County Registrar of Deeds.  Failure to comply with these covenants can result in fines and even liens against the member's the property. 


  • Our Covenants - Click Here

    Board of Directors

    River Run Plantation (RRP) is governed by the Board of Directors composed of seven (7) persons (one from each of the seven stations in River Run Plantation), all of whom are members of the Association. The Board of Directors has the responsibility and powers necessary for the administration of affairs of the Association.  It is empowered by the Bylaws of River Run Plantation and is directed in it actions by the Covenants of River Run Plantation. Revised bylaws are currently before the membership for a vote.  It is an elected board. The elections held each year at the Annual Meeting, usually held in September.  For more details on the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors see "Bylaws of River Run Plantation Property Owners Association, Inc." and "The Fourth Amended Consolidated Master Declaration and Development River Run Plantation including Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions" are available from CAMS our property manager.    Monthly meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month 7pm at the clubhouse.  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.  The Board appoints members to various committees, both standing special in nature.


  • Architectural Review Committee

    The ARC is, as the name suggests, a group of volunteers from RRP that have the responsibility of reviewing all building plans of any perso n or persons wishing to build, or alter existing buildings, add outside buildings, or remove trees in River Run Plantation. They are governed by the By-laws and Covenants of River Run Plantation and they report directly to the Board of Directors. For more information on the ARC, it's policies and permits, contact Sandra at the fornt office.


  • ARC Guidelines - Click Here  Under Revision

  • Boat and RV Storage


    River Run Plantation has a small area for residents to store their boats and trailers located at the end of Marina Drive in Station 2. Unfortunately it is not large enough to hold all the boats and trailers that our ever-growing resident population has. As a result we have a waiting list based on the date of signing up that is kept at the front office.  CAMS also maintains the control of those who do have boats and trailers in the storage area. An up-to-date North Carolina registration is mandatory on all units in storage.   For more information please call CAMS at  910-256-2021

    Boat Launch


    We have a small "high tide" boat launch to the Lockwood Folly River available to members. Currently, small boats can launch and return an hour or so either side of high tide.  A north Carolina launch is about 2 miles from River Run in Sunset Harbor


    River Run Plantation Currents consists of a committee of volunteers who gather and publish the paper monthly.  And deliver the paper on the first of each month to residents who have indicated they would like it delivered.   The newsletter is also available to members here on our website.   

    Member have Access to

    Clubhouse, Tennis Court, Pool, Fishing Pier, Boat Launch, Catch and release lake fishing and River Run Plantation Library in the Clubhouse.  Renters are welcome to the same access and rules and regulations of the River Run Plantation Community.

    Landscape Maintenance

    River Run Plantation's landscape company and is under contract by us to maintain the grass, trees, etc. on all Association property such as the clubhouse, park areas, common area along roadsides, and keeping the area in general looking good. They are under strict orders as to what they can and cannot mow in RRP. If there are any questions or problems, please contact CAMS for clarification.  Lot owners who have landscaped their property, or maintain a front lawn area abutting the roadway, including the common area strip, generally 3 to 10 feet from the roadway, shall maintain their entire property to the paved roadway.  The ownership of any common area, so maintained by the property owner, remains that of the Association.


    Most roads in North Carolina are the responsibility of the NC State Transportation Department. The county has no control of the roads. The roads in River Run Plantation are an exception. These roads are private roads, and the POA members are responsible for them and there upkeep.  Funds are annually set aside for road resurfacing in the POA’s Reserve Fund.

    As a POA member you have access to the members only section of this site.  Special announcements by the Board of Directors and polling of important questions on matters the Board is seeking owner comments, opinions and suggestions.  Minutes of Board meetings as well as Financial reports are available.